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A Bit About Gayle

I find the business world to be a fascinating place. My focus has been to help business owners and managers achieve their highest level of potential.  Although I am a quantitative analyst and the numbers "have it," I realize that is truly only half of the picture. The qualitative is equally important, and it is the balance between the two that actually helps you achieve present and future goals with the greatest level of satisfaction. Based on that philosophy, you will see that I always have a dual focus.  Our efforts should be to address both.  I emphasize the concept of 'balance,' which is challenging in any situation, and required in order to set lofty goals and achieve them!

On a personal note, I enjoy the beach and hiking in the redwoods. I have been known to play a mean game of pool. I also have an appreciation for sports car racing and have a need for speed!  Oh, and a real passion for jumping off tall buildings.......