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A Cohesive Plan

Yes, that all-important plan! Regardless of where the resources (TIME, MONEY, TALENT) come from, putting a plan together requires you to look at all aspects of a business operation. I realize how difficult and challenging putting a plan together can be. Most entrepreneurs resist the structure and formality of a plan. Gotta do it! The process, approached realistically, is absolutely invaluable. Not only do you have to understand the aspects of business ownership, you are also tasked with the research and the building of a network to support you along the way.

The business plan is regarded as a “living document,” which examines the details of the business operation. It also brings into being the concepts outlined in the feasibility analysis. It is time to bring all the elements together, and prepare it for execution.

Whether it is your money or someone else’s, the care has to be the same. Think of it this way: If it doesn’t fly here, you have just avoided failure.