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Money Talks Blog

To deny it is to be unrealistic. The message that it delivers is up to you. Money does make the world go 'round.  We all have an opportunity to put a very positive spin on its movement.  I want to point out how important it is to have a positive relationship with profit.  It is all about balance, and you will hear a whole lot more about that from me as time goes on.

Credit Card Use

June 3, 2017

By Gayle Goldstone

Credit Card Use The classic position regarding this subject is: “Don’t use any!”  A simple statement, and actually not entirely valid. A fundamental issue about debt is the idea of matching the duration of the benefit of the purchase to the duration of the debt service.  Meaning, if the purchase has long-term benefits to the company, you can take longer to pay for it.  Suffice it to say, the duration of the benefit of a business lunch is difficult to pro... Read More

Categories:  Talkin' Trash, Money Talks

The Need for Financial Literacy

March 11, 2012

By Gayle Goldstone

The Need for Financial Literacy “What are we working for, and how do we set the stage for success?”  Teaching classes about Financial Basics highlights the importance of acquiring knowledge about money management.  Budgets and cash flow projections aren’t just for business owners. Learning about balance sheets and having command of the measurement tools that define performance helps us to achieve the goals we set. You must have a starting point. For some, it is like learnin... Read More

Categories:  Money Talks

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