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The intention of my blog is to impart a lot of information, in an inspiring and educational way.  I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and experiences in a way that 'sticks.'  So, I hope that as you read my blog that you get to know me, and at the same time, the articles incentivize you to seek whatever knowledge is necessary to empower you to greatness!  It is all up to you, so READ ON!

Building Your Confidence

Gayle Goldstone January 30, 2012

You want to know, statistically, who are the most successful business owners? They have MBAs. “Does this mean I have to have an MBA to succeed?” No, you’ll no doubt be relieved to know that. However, you do need to have the interest and the drive to learn about the world of business so that you are comfortable making your way in it.

If you are not comfortable in any given situation, you will lack confidence to operate there. That is deadly in terms of the business environment. Lack of confidence is perceived in many different ways, but one thing is certain: You are very unlikely to achieve success.

Lack of confidence in business situations can be seen as:
  • You don’t know your product very well.
  • You don’t believe in your product.
  • You lack experience and therefore cannot be relied upon.
  • You can’t be trusted.
  • You can be dominated.
  • You are in a weak position in terms of negotiating.

Do any of the above sound like how you want to be perceived? “No, definitely not.” Confidence is built by obtaining the knowledge and experience necessary to move forward boldly. One of my goals is to instill that confidence: With business knowledge and sharing my experiences to help along the way.

Categories:  Business Fundamentals

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Shoot, that even applies when selling something on a smaller scale. I did this with gold. I did the research, asked around and found two competing buyers. By that time I was very confident (but friendly, of course) and was able to get an extra $100 on top of the highest offering price.

Thanks for the article. These are really helpful, even if they're reminders. I find myself doing a lot of reminding, heh.

By Brian on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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